Mr. Cappuccino

Walking out of the subway in Milan and firstly to be greeted by the pungent fumes of tobacco and the sensual aroma of caffeine (the first two friends you’ll make in this city regardless of your fondness to either one) has become habitual for me.

All my life I’ve gotten used to sipping a steaming cup of milk tea before my day started, and while preparing to leave for Milan, one thing that worried me the most was, “what if I ever ran out of tea?”

I know you could get tea all over the world, but for me, nothing compares to the tea cultivated in Sri Lanka or as the Brits (who introduced tea plantation in Sri Lanka) would call it, “Ceylon Tea” because the country was named Ceylon at that time.

So, like a child perturbed of running out of crayons and play dough I stuffed my suitcase with a life time supply of fresh Ceylon Tea and when I recently checked my CT stash status, to my surprise; not much of it had been used apart from gifting tea boxes to friends and visitors. Which got me thinking…

Who kept fixing my mornings all these days?

The Cappuccino – A hot Italian beverage made with espresso, milk and steamed milk foam available at bars*  in every nook and corner in Italy, all round the year,anytime of the day during business hours.

What makes this hot beverage interesting apart from it begin made by a hot barrista is that the beverage consists of 3 layers: the bottom layer is thick espresso, the middle layer hot milk and the top layer with milk foam which is decorated with cute designs (latte art). The cappuccino is usually drunk sweet with a brioche (croissant).

So, while Italians are sipping on their fourth, sixth or even tenth cup of coffee right now at 4:00 pm, I cannot resist to stop blogging for a moment and drop by the bar to indulge in a cappuccino and a brioche.

Is it the cappuccino or the barrista? I’ve got to find out

*(a place where you can buy: coffee, wine, liquor, pastries etc)


Author: romelga

Just an ordinary South Asian girl, living in Europe. I enjoy reading and love all forms of art. "You don't need to be talented to appreciate talent"

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