Know thy limits

It was stated on Yahoo SPORT that the soccer icon David Beckham was repeatedly pestered for autographs and photographs by the British Airways cabin crew recently. The Airlines had apologized to Beckham, who frequently flies BA and threatened to stop flying with them.

Now, if you’re an ardent Beckham fan, you know he’s undoubtedly known for being altruistic when it comes to taking pics and signing autographs, but Beckham was annoyed when he was woken up by the flash of a click, when a stewardess took a pic of him sleeping.

There are two aspects here, which perturb me immensely:

1. The pic was taken while he was sleeping, which means his privacy was interrupted and the guy wasn’t even told that he was going to be photographed. Obviously, Beckham doesn’t need to be told when to pose for a pic, but for the love of humanity, let the guy get some sleep.

2. I can understand how excited I would be if my favorite celebrity were to be on a plane on which I’d  be on duty. This does not mean I have to conspire how to to get the best pic and the most likes on social media. Duty means I have a job which doesn’t require me to be a simpleton, but to make sure passengers are comfortable from take-off to touch down. Where’s the work ethic?

 If we can appropriately play the roles we are assigned on each platform (work, school, home etc) an equilibrium could be maintained in order to avoid embarrassment and a whole lot of troubles, but then again where can we strike a balance on stupidity?

Sigh !


Author: romelga

Just an ordinary South Asian girl, living in Europe. I enjoy reading and love all forms of art. "You don't need to be talented to appreciate talent"

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