A chromatic explosion

Fancy an outburst of colors?

Got that passion for art?

Love to take breathtaking pics?

Like to Masquerade?

Now you know what I’m taking about.

From the 26 Jan – 12 Feb 2013, the Carnevale takes place on the cobble streets of the picturesque floating city, Venice.

As always,since its inception and even after a long dormancy during the Austrian control in the late 1700’s, the city never failed to bring out its grandeur of vibrant colored costumes, distinguished masks, theater and an ambiance of celebration. It originally began as a celebration of victory against a Patriarch in the 1100’s and was made official during the Renaissance.

If you can make it this season, I’d say bravo or brava to you, but if you can’t, there’s always next year and the year after that, and the year after that and after and after…….

John Ruskin, the famous British art critic said:

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most”

I have to say that my mind isn’t pure all the time and I’m yet to meet a human without a deceitful mind.

Nevertheless, I love color and I’m definitely gonna make it to Venice this year. No procrastinating the Carnevale, that’s a New Year’s resolution.

Lets see if I can keep it.

In Italian – Bravo masc. sing / Brava fem. sing


Author: romelga

Just an ordinary South Asian girl, living in Europe. I enjoy reading and love all forms of art. "You don't need to be talented to appreciate talent"

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