Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

Beat was the tenth word and although I had an idea of the Beats Gen. in my head which would have been appropriate for today, the first couple of pics I see on Google Image was Dr. Dre’s sophisticated headphones.

Pic. Courtesy Google Image

So here are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind

1. Expensive

2. Wouldn’t buy it unless I possibly could have a career in music, which I don’t think I would

3. Appropriate Christmas gift for my brother

4. Should I get it in blue for him or red because I’m paying for it

5. I wonder if they’d have it in metallic purple

hmmm let me check……


Author: romelga

Just an ordinary South Asian girl, living in Europe. I enjoy reading and love all forms of art. "You don't need to be talented to appreciate talent"

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