Hey Harry

This guy is hilarious, I’ve been following his work for the past year and Harry Pereira definitely has it.

What I particularly like about his videos is that he really knows to bring a point across through sarcasm and entertain an audience. This guy has the ability to rant about anything that pisses him off with a dose of entertainment, how big the dose, depends on how much you dig it.

I found a video which he had posted some time back and that really bugged me.

The guy was having an identity crisis, the exact crisis immigrant kids face at some point in their life. This guy is a Sri Lankan Brit, living in the UK, but felt that he wasn’t Sri Lankan enough to do videos on Sri Lanka because Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka implied he wasn’t Sri Lankish.

In response to Harry’s Sri Lankan Identity Crisis

Wake Up Dude:

1. Your identity isn’t defined on how you print it across your chest or on your T shirts or how less offended people get by viewing your videos. By the way I love your T-shirts, go Duck Slap!

2. Do you have the right to do Sri Lankan videos? Absolutely, where’s your freedom of speech, even my eighty year old Italian neighbor has the right to do a video on what she feels about Sri Lanka/Sri Lankans regardless of whether she has visited the country. I’m sure her video will include positive things on Sri Lankan cuisine and hospitality 😉

3. Be genuine, be who you are and don’t try to fit into the cookie cutter just because people ask you to.

4. Sexual harassment on public transport in Sri Lanka? Yes it happens and yes child abuse is prevalent in Sri Lanka just like domestic violence. For the Sri Lankans who say otherwise please take a reality check.

In conclusion, you have a Sri Lankan fan base and they’ve decided to follow you, not because you find  kothu less appealing, but because of who you are and what you do.

Keep ranting Harry!


Author: romelga

Just an ordinary South Asian girl, living in Europe. I enjoy reading and love all forms of art. "You don't need to be talented to appreciate talent"

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