Originally born on an inconspicuous island in the Indian Ocean, with ancestors from Dutch, Portuguese, Anglo Indian and Sinhalese origins, it was almost impossible to clearly identify my ethnicity, which was difficult in an island with a mainstream culture that supports the following and tons more, which I don’t do by the way.

  • parents and elders are honored by worshiping them
  • apply oil (mostly coconut oil) on the heads especially when going to school
  • leave for work on an auspicious time facing a favorable direction  etc..

So, when I moved or rather was forced to move to the big city, which I wish was NYC or London, but was actually Milan in 2010, things began to change.

Comunque*, guys & gals, chaps & chicks or rather chips & sticks (depending on the average person’s size in Milan), this blog is about finding my genuine calling and most importantly giving you something interesting.

Thank you for visiting my blog !

Dare to be different


(*Comunque in Italian means: No matter, However, Anyhow and in this context Anyway)


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