I don’t know if I’m right or wrong

I know only you can judge

I didn’t make that choice in defiance

I’ve asked for answers

I know you’ve given them

I’m just too blind to see them


I made a choice

I hope and wish I’m not wrong

If I am

I don’t want to learn it the hard way

I’ve got a lot to lose and I’m not prepared to

I don’t want to lose them


I’m being honest

I don’t want to feel ambivalent

I don’t want to feel guilty either

I just want to be satisfied

Satisfied that I haven’t disappointed you


Tell me I haven’t




Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person

Splashes of white and stokes of blue

A little bit of red to balance the hue

More black to cover errors and then left to dry

A little more yellow when it’s time to cry


A mountain

A field

A stormy cloud

Careful there, make sure the colors aren’t loud


A crown with colors of the rainbow

Decked with stars to give it a glow

Even though sometimes, things seem slow

I know the final piece will be the best in the show


Although, it isn’t done,

I know the best is yet to come.

This is my life an unfinished canvas

Now and forever, Candace








Devlve into poetry – 2

Nine am, Sociology class, I was all ears when I heard the famous back row start their own discussion, which lead me to part two of Delve into poetry.



The back row prattles from time to time,
Jeopardizing a career not anyone’s, but mine,
Lets nor forget, I live in a land of food and wine,
This makes me crave for a pie of key lime.
Shut up, shut up, to them I want to say,
Little realizing that’s not the way,
I’d turn around and throw a punch,
I’m sure to get hurt, not by one, but a bunch.
Sociology differs from Psychology,
The guys behind are planning an orgy.
To stay attentive I need a coffee,
Oh wait, I just found a Moka toffee.


Lectures are over and I’m seated on a slab,
with the rest of them who has no flab,
Far away I spot the Barbie dollies,
With branded clothes and colorful lollies.
These beauties,
They’re real cuties,
Facade: serious on studies,
While all they do is chatter with buddies.
Oh Daddy, Get me out of here please,
Nothing could make this torment ease,
Feels like been stung by a thousand bees,
The moment I’m out of here, the pain will cease.
The questions begin, How long how long?
Reminding me of a contemporary song,
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The other side,
I’m blogging to mitigate this aggro inside.

Delve into poetry

I was sitting in the fifth row, trying to concentrate on what the lecturer was explaining on 19th century art when I heard the girls from the back talk about fashion. This distracted and took me to another cosmos which resulted in experimental poetry (at least that’s what I call it).

The backdrop to this, is about a girl who loves fashion and does not have the resources to venture into the industry. She hears some wanna be fashion divas critic her favorite designer’s new collection while window shopping and this was her response:

Mantyhose and tight jeans,
Tell me what does this mean?”Mankini or a Murse
Which one's worse?”

Here I am, hearing this all,
Sitting in a corner, pressed onto a wall,
Wondering fashion...
Is that what it's called?

My mother says fashion is a wheel,
Rotating archetypes with a six inch heel.
Although she'd like to brag,
There's more to this than a piece of rag,

Cutting edge technology and creativity,
Defines fashion's longevity.
Caveat! Get the right combination.
Lest, you fall into condemnation.

Some feel, outfits on the runway appear out of bound,
Believe me, that talent is scarcely found.
Intricate details hidden within the fabric,
Only few million could grasp that tactic.

So the next time, you say something mean,
for apparel on the mannequin.
Imagine how it'll seem,
For a true fashion paladin. 

I know it needs editing, but like I said, it’s just experimental.

Feel free to comment, critics welcomed!