Hello world!

It’s a new day, a new beginning, a time to initiate, a time to come out of our bubbles and do the things we are good at. For you, it could be, being the best parent (single, divorced or not), the best daughter, the best student, the best employee, the best boss (scarcely found) or the smile maker, what ever you are good at.

For me, it’s fighting, a wrestle that many of us engage in, each and every living moment of our lives: the fight to survive. We fight to make it at work, to be wanted, recognized and appreciated, to be accepted for who we are and to be known for what we stand. A fight to say that:

“I am not mediocrity material”

Oprah said, “We all are called, everybody has a calling and your real job in life is to figure  out what that is and get about the business of doing it.”

So fellow bloggers, I’ve decide to find my calling, is it to make a change within me or for you? Boh!*  Is it blogging ?  I honestly don’t know, but lets find out.

Dare to be different !

(*Boh! is IDK in Italian, which I got into the habit of using when I moved to Italy)